House Rules

Pathfinder House Rules for Jade Regent (August 20, 2011) (6 pages)

Character Creation

Begining Hit Points: Normal rules of maximum Hit Points for first level, plus an additional bonus of +6 HP for Medium sized characters and a +4 HP bonus for small sized characters.

Standard Array for characteristics will be (14, 13, 13, 12, 12, 10) to be arranged as desired.

Start with 2 Traits. One trait must be selected from the Jade Regent Player’s Guide. Only one of the character’s starting traits may improve saving throws.

Begin at character level 3 with 2000gp of starting money to buy equipment.

Base Races

Humans gain the Skill Focus feat in a skill of their choice. Humans gain one extra starting trait (3 total). Humans may trade two of their starting traits for a feat of their choice. Humans may pick two classes to be a “favored class”, similar to a half-elf.

Humans and Half-Elves may choose two different characteristics to each gain a +2 stat bonus, rather than a single characteristic. They must also choose a stat to take a -2 penalty.

Half-Orcs have +2 STR, +2 in a stat of their choice other than STR, and -2 in a stat of their choice. This replaces their standard bonus of +2 in any stat.

Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings may change one of their +2 stats bonuses to be in a different stat.


Any Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf, or Half-Orc may choose a one of the following bloodlines which will add to their base racial abilities:


  • +2 CHA
  • +2 to choice of characteristic other than CHA
  • -2 to choice of characteristic other than CHA
  • Choose 3 additional class skills from the Aristocrat skill list (p. 449 PHB)
  • The maximum number of ranks in any skill is one higher than your level.
  • +6 skill points
  • Attract followers one level higher than normal (Summoned gain +1 to hit and +8 hp)


  • +2 to choice of STR, DEX, or CON
  • +2 to choice of characteristic (different from above choice)
  • -2 to choice of INT, WIS, or CHA
  • Choose +2 skill bonus in either Acrobatics, Climb, Survival, or Intimidate
  • Gain Toughness feat (this feat may be purchased a second time if desired)
  • Gain choice of one combat feat
  • Select an additional starting trait

Arcane/Divine Caster

  • +2 to choice of INT, WIS, or CHA
  • +2 to choice of characteristic (different from above choice)
  • -2 to choice of STR, DEX, or CON
  • Add caster stat bonus to damage/heal of spells (each ray or missile gains this bonus)
  • Reduce the level cost penalty of all metamagic feats by one level (you still need to buy
    the metamagic feats)
  • Gain choice of either Scribe Scroll or Brew Potion feat


  • +2 DEX, +2 WIS
  • -2 to choice of STR, CON, INT, or CHA
  • Low-Light Vision (upgrade to darkvision if already have low-light vision)
  • +2 Stealth
  • Shadow Jaunt: As a move action, teleport 3 squares and become insubstantial until the
    start of your next turn. (Usable once per encounter)
  • Cast Darkness (Usable once per encounter) as a spell like ability

Other Bloodline Choices (Gain the benefits of these races):

  • Fey-Touched (house rules)
  • Centaur (house rules)
  • Aasimar (select one stat to take -2)
  • Tiefling
  • Changeling
  • Ifrit
  • Oread
  • Sylph
  • Undine

Skill Points

INT Skill Point Bonus: For every +1 ability bonus of intelligence, a character gains +2 skill points per level instead of the normal +1. For INT below 10, use the standard rules.

CHA Skill Point Bonus: For every +1 ability bonus of charisma, a character gains +1 skill point per level. A CHA below 10 does not penalize skill points.

Favored Class Bonus: Gain +2 skill points for each level in a favored class (this replaces the standard favored class bonus).

Character Advancement

Ability Score Increases: At every even level (2, 4, 6 …) characters gain two +1 bonuses to their ability scores. The first +1 bonus may only be spent on one of the character’s three lowest ability scores. The second +1 bonus may be spent on any ability score.

Hit Points after First Level will be 10 for a d12 hit die, 8 for a d10, 6 for a d8, and 4 for a d6.

Specific Class Rules

Sorcerers, Oracles, and other classes that have a limited number of spells known, will know two additional spell for each spell level that they can cast. The second bonus spell known is delayed one level from when the caster first gains spells of that level. For example, a level 1 sorcerer or oracle would know 3 first level spells, and at class level 2 they would know 4 first level spells (plus any bonus spells known from their bloodline).

Rogues: For every even level of rogue (2, 4, 6…), the rogue gains +1 damage with any attack where the target is within 30’ of the rogue and the target is not fully concealed or incorporeal. This bonus damage affects creatures otherwise immune to sneak attack.

Ninjas gain Ki points equal to level + CHA modifier instead of half their level.

Fighter: Fighters use a d12 Hit Die.

Monk Weapons: Monks may use Flurry of Blows with any light single handed weapon or double weapon that they are proficient with, but at a -1 “to hit” penalty. Weapons specifically noted as being monk weapons and unarmed attacks will not have the -1 “to hit” penalty. Clerics who are also monks may use their deity’s chosen weapon with Flurry of Blows, but also at the -1 “to hit” penalty.

Changes to Game Mechanics

Pre-Combat Buff: As combat starts, all combatants may cast a single pre-fight buff as a free action. This could be drinking a potion or casting a spell. This happens when the character takes their first action in combat. The spell or potion cannot be an attack or one that directly hinders opponents, such as the Prayer spell. Spells can be cast on oneself or on others, if within range. It can’t be a spell that affects the environment, such as obscuring mist or silence. A pre-fight buff will provoke attacks of opportunity as normal.

Divine Spells Spontaneous Casting: A caster of divine spells, such as the Oracle, Druid, Paladin and Ranger, when out of combat, may convert their unused spells to appropriate same level healing spells, similar to clerics. The extra time needed by non-clerics to convert spells to healing energy makes this inappropriate for combat situations.

Point-Blank Attack Spells do not provoke attacks of opportunity, for example Burning Hands, Shocking Grasp, and Vampiric Touch.

House Rules

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